My KWOC’20 Project Report.

Krati Jain
3 min readJan 9, 2021
KWOC is organized by KOSS for the Open Source Enthusiasts.

About KWOC

KWOC or Kharagpur Winter Of Code is an annual 5-week long online program for students who are new to open source software development by Kharagpur Open Source Society, IIT Kharagpur. The program aims at promoting student participation in open source events like Google Summer Of Code (GSOC). It also provides the beginners a head start by acquainting them with the open-source culture experience.

About me

My name is Krati Jain, I am a first-year undergraduate student pursuing CSE at the Jaypee University of Engineering Technology, Guna. I like to work on and learn about various technologies. My tech stack comprises Java, C, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Besides that, I also like to write technical blogs and share my experience with my peers. You can connect with me at:

About Template Buddy

TemplateBuddy is a free platform where the users can create their resumes and research papers from a variety of templates that we have to offer.
The data once fed by the user is saved in his account and the user can just change the template and adjust the information he/she has to show. This project was mentored by Dhairya Jain and Siddhartha Dhar Choudhury. The technologies used in this project included HTML, CSS, Flask, Python, and JavaScript.

My Contribution

As a beginner, I worked on a beginner-friendly first issue labeled as [FEATURE]Clone this template into HTML (template30) #61

Under this issue, we were supposed to clone a resume template provided in the pdf format to HTML and CSS format and replace the given text with the placeholder text wherever required. After adding the corresponding HTML and CSS files, I made the pull request which was reviewed by one of the mentors and later got merged.

Merged Pull Request:

My KWOC experience

KWOC was my first open-source participation and undoubtedly, it proved to be a great learning experience. Both of my mentors were extremely helpful and maintained proper communication with the participants through the IRC channels throughout the program. It also introduced me to the Git Version Control system and I got to learn a lot about how to make a pull request and raise issues. I also got this wonderful opportunity to network with so many enthusiastic people working on the same project. It also helped me to put my skills learned into practical use. I highly encourage the beginners who are starting their journey in the open-source world to participate in the Kharagpur Winter Of Code.


I want to thank KOSS, IIT KGP for conducting this program. This definitely boosted my confidence and I am looking forward to participating in more Open Source events in the future.


If you want to connect with me, here are the links to my GitHub and LinkedIn profiles.



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